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Who will win the Super Bowl LI

Who will win the Super Bowl LI?

New England Patriots

Atlanta Falcons

May the best team win!

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Why You Need A Buyer Agent to Buy a Home?

In this video I explained why generally it is a good idea to hire an agent when you buy house.

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When to Buy Home or Continue Renting

Just created a new video to explain when you are ready to buy home. If you are currently renting home and planning to buy your home soon you should consider watching this Video.

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What is Real Estate Means

Just created a new video to explain what is Real Estate means as the Bundle of Rights. Know the Rights that you have when you own a Real Estate.

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How Real Estate Taxes are Calculated

Here is a video on how Real Estate Taxes are calculated:

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Why you need Licensed Real Estate Agent?

To sell or buy your house you don’t need any real estate agent, however, there are many reason why you need a real estate agent for any transaction related to your property.

When you are Buying House an Experienced agent can help you:

1. Find your house from multiple listing

2. Find comparative sales price and the value of the house

3. Find more about the facts of area and

4. Help you get the right offer

5. Review documents and help you go over the process


When you are Listing your House for Sale, Experienced agent can help you:

1. Find the True Value of the sales price

2. Many agents have known prospective buyers list

3. Help you list the property with Photo, Video and/or Virtual Tours

4. Advice you with proper referrals

5. Create a Marketing strategy to sell the house faster than you think

6. Help you with counter offers and negotiation process

7. Help you use the latest online tools

8. Verify prospective buyer qualifications


Here is a Video on this topic: