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We manage rental properties. Contact us for details.

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Buying house is a fun and one of the biggest investment in life. We will help you get the Right Home.

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Soumen Roy - RE/MAX - Real Estate - Salesperson

Soumen Roy

Real Estate Salesperson

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Why You Need A Buyer Agent to Buy a Home?

In this video I explained why generally it is a good idea to hire an agent when you buy house.

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When to Buy Home or Continue Renting

Just created a new video to explain when you are ready to buy home. If you are currently renting home and planning to buy your home soon you should consider watching this Video.

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What is Real Estate Means

Just created a new video to explain what is Real Estate means as the Bundle of Rights. Know the Rights that you have when you own a Real Estate.

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How Real Estate Taxes are Calculated

Here is a video on how Real Estate Taxes are calculated:

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Why you need Licensed Real Estate Agent?

To sell or buy your house you don’t need any real estate agent, however, there are many reason why you need a real estate agent for any transaction related to your property. When you are Buying House an Experienced agent can help you: 1. Find your house from multiple listing 2. Find comparative sales price and the

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